ATTENTION:  Anyone who plans on fitting a new

kitchen or cutting and Joining a kitchen Worktop

“Discover In Just 90 Minutes How Easy It is

To Join Kitchen Worktops The Professional

Way … And Save £65 Per Joint!

… and How To Fit Kitchen Units In Complete

Confidence… Save At Least £734 !

Introducing The Only Kitchen Fitting

Instructional DVDs And 120 Page PDF

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Step By Step Watching

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How To Fit A Kitchen  – Fast!

This product is about YOU and a proven expert guiding you to make massive improvement in your skills

See what this customer from Lancs had to say:

After 30 minutes watching Ray’s DVD I switched it off and went and machined a joint on some scrap worktop – perfectly! (First time I’d ever used a router with a jig)

That meant I could then fit my kitchen worktops with a lot more confidence.

I found it surprisingly straightforward and it certainly saved me a lot of money and headaches.

I was quoted £65 a worktop joint by a local guy and I had 3 joints to do,

so that’s saved me £195 just on the joints alone without even taking into account cutting the holes for the sink and the hob.

Well worth the savings.” 

Mick Pearson, Freckleton, Lancs

So for the price of one professionally fitted worktop joint

you will master not only doing your own worktops but

master the whole kitchen fitting job from start to finish

in complete confidence!

Dear Home Improver,

Are you about to fit a kitchen…?  Then let me ask you this:
Would You Like To Know…

How to measure accurately for cutting expensive worktops so that you will quit worrying about errors immediately?

Would You Like To Know…

How to fit worktops flawlessly the professional way so you will have a job even finding the joint?

Would You Like To Know…

The exact tools you will need for every kitchen fitting task and how to use them for professional results?

Do You Want To Know…

How to plumb in a sink to a professional standard?

Have You Ever Wished You Knew…

How to align kitchen units with precision when floor and walls are uneven?

Do You Need To Know…

How to safely hang cupboards on flimsy stud walls so that you can still fill them with heavy tins and jars?

If you answered “Yes? to any of these questions then you must read this Special Report that reveals exactly how to

grab a unique learning system where you get to know everything you’ll ever need to be able to fit that kitchen in no

no time at all… the easy way.

“It’s Not Just Kitchen Fitting Know-How, It’s Kitchen Fitting SHOW-HOW…”


Ray Brock here…

… as a professional kitchen fitter by trade with over 28 years of solid experience…

… and with over 1200 professionally fitted kitchens under my belt in the UK and abroad, I have a huge amount of practical experience.

In a moment I’m going to address the most common worktop fitting problem that puts most people out.

Then I’ll give you the instant solution, but first let me ask you…

… what are the tasks that sound basic but without hands-on knowledge, seem overwhelming?

Well, like most people you might have concerns like:

  • Where’s the most sensible place to start?
  • How do you put up the first wall cabinet single handed?
  • What’s the ideal sealant for around sinks and hobs?
  • Do you do the flooring before or after?
  • What’s the safest and easiest way of removing wall tiles?
  • How do you fit a door to an integrated appliance correctly?
  • Is there really a big difference in quality between carcases from home improvement “sheds” and those from specialist kitchen companies?
  • How can you get an estimate for a granite worktop then relax in the knowledge that you’re not being taken for a ride?
  • How do you know what is a reasonable cost for a professional kitchen fitter if that’s the route you choose in the end?

Because we both know that getting things right the first time is going to save time, effort, money and mess, right?

Well, you will discover all that and more in a moment because those are the kind of questions I’m about to address.

And I’d like to ask you 4 quick question myself if I may…

  1. If you could wish for anything before you fit your own kitchen, what would it be?
  2. Would you want an expert stand right next to you demonstrating how to do it, before you have a go yourself?
  3. Would you want someone to watch as they explain in easy step by step dead simple language how to approach each task for first class results?
  4. Would you want a professional fitter right there beside you to answer the simplest or the toughest questions instantly?

Well, I won’t promise to do that personally but…

… I will offer the next best thing!

Introducing “Fit That Kitchen™”
A Revolutionary Step-By-Step Tutorial System

The better choice for learning kitchen fitting the easy way

 Here’s why this is the best kitchen fitting training money can buy…

I assume that (like me when I started over 24 years ago) you know very little about kitchen fitting, particularly worktop fitting, so in this brand new video learning system we’ve made sure to walk you through every action, every move of the tape measure, every cut of the saw…

… so that there is absolutely no way you will get lost and not know what to do as you fit your own kitchen.  And yes, that includes fitting any type of worktop you choose.

All the know-how, all the tricks of the trade, plus 28 years worth of practical experience right at your fingertips.  You will be as confident as you can possibly be as you rip out your old kitchen.

 It’s the quickest way to learn which means that you will have your kitchen done and dusted by this time next week.  That’s what you want isn’t it?

And you really will, because what you’re getting is …

Hands-on, Watch-Over-The-Shoulder Easy Video Tutorials By A Pro  (That’s me!)

No studio setups, no flashy ads, and no false picture-perfect conditions.

 This is real life kitchen fitting in a typical family home.  (In fact it’s at “Jimmy The Plumber’s” place)

With NO sponsorship by tool companies, NO TV shopping channel mock-ups, NO worthless adverts

Just Plain And Practical Advice From A Man Who’s Been Doing the Job For Over 24 Years

Now it’s your chance to pick up techniques to last a lifetime. Some knowledge just never gets out of date wouldn’t you agree?  And kitchen fitting expertise is one of them.

 When you know what you need to know doesn’t it make you feel in control?  And to be honest…

…it feels good doesn’t it, being the man about the house, doing what we know best – providing for the family?

Well that’s how I feel at least, and so does my wife.  I love it when she appreciates practical skills with a certain smile.  Makes you feel it’s all worth it.

That said, we’re not here to talk about me.

This is about you and your own fitting skills that you want to develop.

 So what will you get with your “Fit That Kitchen™” learning system?

Well, along with your set of step-by-step professional video tutorials you also get a fully downloadable 120 page kitchen fitting easy-read.

Notice I didn’t say manual… because it’s not one of those useless heavy dust collectors that won’t stay open at the right page.

Absolutely not.

No, the beauty of this is that since it sits right there on your personal computer, you will decide if you want to print off particular pages you need at your side as you approach each individual task.

Which means that when you’re finished (and your pages are crumpled up, covered in sealant and sawdust) you will just bin them…

… because you have a permanent source on your computer to use as you want, whenever you want.  You will choose whether you prefer to save it on a disc as a backup.

120 pages fully illustrated kitchen fitting guide!

 Remember, this system is for you if you want to fit your own kitchen and haven’t yet been shown by a professional exactly how to do it

Plain and simple practical techniques to dip in and out of whenever you want. Clearly indexed and ready to use at the click of a mouse.

You’ll see topics such as:

1: How to organise your plumber/gas fitter and electrician and avoid a possible £60 call out fee if you’re not ready on time for first and second fix (page 7)

2: How to do your own plumbing and save at least £100  (page 8)

3: How to add a new stopcock if necessary (page 19)

4: Why the tiles you choose will effect the electrical supply (page 21)

5: Where it is best to start, and why, if your kitchen has 2 or more corners (page 30)

6: Exact limitations of base unit supporting legs and how to overcome levelling issues (page 32)

7: How to measure for and cut accurate access holes into your brand new cabinets (page 41)

8: How to use a scribing technique so that cabinets fit tight against uneven walls (page 43)

9: Methods for determining wall unit height and what governs your decisions (page 45)

10: How to see where electrical cables are in the wall you are hanging cabinets on (page 49)

11: How to accommodate sink clips when they have to be positioned above the rail (page 81)

12: How to get a good finish to cut edges on wooden worktops when fitting a Belfast sink (page 95)

13: How to machine draining slots in wooden worktops and avoid burn marks (page 96)

14: Which is the most economical piece of cornice to fit first (page 104)

15: An essential task to remember before fitting doors to integrated appliances to avoid the time and effort of re-doing the work (page 110)

And much, much more!

Some people hate reading, they find it a chore.  Given the choice I prefer to learn through sitting back and listening any day, don’t you? Here’s what else you will get as part of your “Fit That Kitchen™” learning system. And that’s not all…

So here’s what we’ve done.

“Fit That Kitchen™” has been digitally recorded for your easy listening convenience.

Easy Listening Audio Book

That’s right, each chapter has been digitally recorded in quality clear audio files, section by section so that you will choose to play them in the car on the way to work, walking the dog or anytime you feel like it. Just download it onto your mp3 player to listen as you go about your day

What a great way of seeing the whole job through to completion in your mind so that you will be ready to hit the deck running when it’s time to fit that kitchen for real.

And if you’re a perfectionist… then you’re going to love my style.

People often tease me about my West Country accent, my traditional ways and that’s OK.  Call me old fashioned … if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well and that’s why customers call me when they want a perfect result.

You see most people make the mistake when it comes to fitting their own kitchen that the easy part is putting the units in.  And actually there is an easy way and a right way to put the units in.

Get it right and your life is easy.  Get is wrong and there’s a whole load of re-adjustment to do over and over again which is a complete waste of time and that means money.

Take Colin who’s a carpenter and joiner by trade.  He fitted his own kitchen and asked me to do the worktops…  a common request when people are on a tight budget.

I agreed on the understanding that the units were to be dead level because the worktops have to sit completely flat and meet each other completely flat… there’s no leeway when it comes to getting them level.

So I turned up to do the worktops and double checked the levelling.  Surprise surprise… despite Colin being a carpenter and joiner his units weren’t perfectly level making my job impossible.

So I spent the next hour or so undoing the brackets back to the wall and readjusting the levels before even getting to the job he was paying me for – fitting the worktops. When you pay someone by the hour, that’s an expensive mistake and it happens virtually every time.  Nearly every client on a tight budget makes that mistake.

“But Ray, the bubble on my level was between the two lines” Colin said.  “Yes”, I said,“but it needs to be exactly in the middle of the two lines”.  My handbook tells you how to fit the units perfectly level first time, easily.

I’ve developed some personal tricks and techniques over the years and without all that solid hands-on practical experience… well, you wouldn’t expect to know it all straight away, would you?

 Actually, now you will!

Because you will profit instantly from every last insider’s trick of the trade built up with over 1200 customer kitchens that I’m revealing.  You’ll see in just a moment.

In fact there’s nothing to stop anyone using this system to become a professional kitchen fitter by trade.  Think about it – with Fit That Kitchen™ Like A Pro you will have the skills for a £40,000 a year self employed income.  Is that something you’d like?

It’s The Perfect Starting Point!

You see we really thought carefully about how to deliver the ultimate learning system.  One that would help you overcome practical challenges the easy way and stop you wasting your valuable time and hard earned cash through trial and error.

Now you might be wondering what a 57 year old West Country kitchen fitter and his wife are doing producing a digital kitchen fitting learning system to sell on their website.

And I wouldn’t blame you.

Certainly not the sort of thing you see every day is it?

Usually, you would find some sad impersonal mass-produced and characterless book in the DIY section at Waterstones.  You know the ones I mean?  (Given as well-meant presents at Christmas.)

So I’d like to tell you a true story if I may.

A story about how the whole project came together.  It’ll only take a couple of minutes.

And before I do that let me just show you some feedback from one of my valued customers,  Andrew Wickett from Sutton Coldfield.  As you’ll see he had quite a job on his hands and he explains how “Fit That Kitchen™ Like A Pro” made his life a whole lot easier…

“… your DVDs gave me the belief that it’s achievable.”

From: Andrew
Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 7:14 PM
Subject: Feedback

Hi Ray

I consider myself to be an experienced DIY person with a good few years of practice under my belt. I must say however, the concept of watching a tradesman complete the task does inspire confidence to the learner. It’s a far better way of communication than trying to learn from a book, even if the book has detailed pictures.

[…]Many thanksAndy.
——————————————————————————From: Andrew
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 10:38 PM
Subject: RE: Your feedbackHi RayGlad my comments were useful. Actually I teach Motor Vehicle Body repair and Refinishing at a college. However, I love Renovating houses. I enjoy woodwork, plastering, brickwork, electrical and plumbing. In fact everything to do with the building trade. Don’t know why I work with cars, may be that’s what I’m best at!I’m just in the process of re-fitting my kitchen, hence why I purchased your very useful DVDs [plus the guides]. I’ve only ever joined the worktops with those horrible metal strip connectors. This time I wanted to join them using the router and jig. I’ll see how good your tips are in the next couple weekends and let you know if I was successful or not.Once again, thanks.Andy

From: Andrew
Sent: Saturday, July 18, 2009 10:01 PM
Subject: RE: Your feedback

Still on going. I can only fit my kitchen at weekends and in-between other jobs at that. However I’ve managed to almost complete the corner of the kitchen. I completed my first ever worktop mitre joint after buying a jig from ebay. I’m quite pleased with it actually, especially after looking round some other kitchen worktop joints.

If I’m honest, your DVDs gave me the belief that it’s achievable. I couldn’t place the one worktop on top of the other like you suggested, my kitchen is already tiled. I had you use measurements. It was a bit of an awkward corner with the brick built extractor housing.

I’ve attached a couple of photos. As you’ll see I’m not changing all the units, just revamping. I’m changing the edging around the cabinet frontage because the doors used to be oak and the edging was dark. I still have to seal around the up stands (splash back) yet.

Thanks again.


From: Andrew
Sent: Monday, July 20, 2009 11:01 PM
Subject: RE: Your feedbackHi RayYes, that won’t be a problem to use my feed back or photos. I should have the other corner in place by next weekend. Another difficult task, again the walls are tiled and the sink goes next to the joint (approximately 2”). I thought I might be able to shallow cut/recess the draining part of the sink into the worktop (which will be the bit by the joint), just cutting access holes for the sink connectors. I’m thinking this will still give me maximum strength and allow me to connect the two pieces of worktop via connecting bolts on the underside. I’ll let you know how I get on, including some photos. All the best, Andy

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Look at that professional joint he managed to do!  To get a joint like that first time ever is an astounding achievement.  He’s done an amazing job under difficult circumstances because the tiles were already in place and you can see the brickwork he had to fit around.

Now I’ve never met Andy but with our email exchange I get a real sense of reward seeing his results thanks to the confidence “Fit That Kitchen™ Like A Pro”tutorial system gave him.

Do you reckon he made a good decision when he went ahead and bought it?

Anyway, I was about to tell you the story of how this project came together…

And you know, if I’m honest, full time professional kitchen fitting takes it out of you after 24 years quite frankly…

… it’s a pretty physically demanding job.  Absolutely fine when you’re in your youth.

However, I’m no spring chicken.

And one thing I do know for sure …

Whatever your age, whatever your health, whatever your circumstances, nobody can rely on anyone other than themselves to provide financial security.

 So, to continue the story…

Beginning life in a local joinery factory straight from school aged 16, I went self-employed at 28, because I suddenly woke up to the realisation that it’s up to us to create our income using initiative.  It’s up to us to become self-reliant if we want to be in control of our own lives.

So along the way I invented a couple of things and even had them patented.  (I’ll tell you about them later if you’re interested.)  I watch Dragons Den for inspiration and I’ve been reading autobiographies of successful people over the years.

 And what I noticed was this…

Those who make good money provide a quality, valuable product or service to help others.  A product or service people are already searching for – in otherwords, an existing market and a price bracket the market judges to be fair.

The bigger the market, the bigger the results.

So that got me thinking.  What’s the biggest market?

USA?  Europe?  How about the whole world?

Call me Mr Methodical … next I began to consider what skills I had that I could offer to help people with.

And that’s how I came up with selling kitchen fitting skills over the internet to those who haven’t got them and want them.

You see the thing is, I’ve always loved teaching.  I find it very satisfying and rewarding, teaching others.  And teaching carpentry and installation is what I’m good at apparently (listening to apprentices and mates over the years).

We’ve just got to get creative and think outside the box.

And the way I’m doing it is by producing quality products and services to offer over the internet.

They say that the simplest ideas work best!

And what’s so special is how many more people you teach this way – it’s like being a virtual coach.

What A Great Way To Earn A Living!  Helping People…

Helping them improve the heart and soul of any family home their kitchen.

And it feels great to be self-reliant Not having to rely on another man.

Because when the pressure’s on and the family’s depending on you, being capable and self-reliant feels good inside.

And it’s satisfying knowing how to approach problems, being prepared to overcome them and finally get the solution.

It’s rewarding sharing knowledge with friends and relatives, confident you’re giving the best advice you have, don’t you think?

And there’s nothing worse than putting things off so that they loom like a black cloud heading your way.

When All You Have To Do Is Know What You Want, FindOut How To Get It, And Then… Get It!

Yes, it’s a simple rule of life that I’m happy to follow any day, aren’t you?

And the result?

You relax.

Yes, you finally relax – find a bit of peace.  A sense of relief.  To be able to provide (whatever it is) for yourself and for your dependents.  And yes, let’s face it, renewed confidence.

And couldn’t we all do with a bit of that?

So let me tell you a little more about what you will get with your “Fit That Kitchen™” learning system …

Now I’m not promising it’s going to make you an expert kitchen fitter overnight and particularly if you haven’t already got basic DIY skills.

If you’ve never handled a tool in your life then this is certainly NOT for you.

If you’ve not got access to some good tools either with the right blades and don’t want to hire or invest in some, then again, this is certainly NOT for you.

Look, if that sounds like you then your only option really is to pay someone who does, right?

Having said that, at least with the knowledge you get here, you’ll know what to look for when deciding who to trust and who you’re going to pay, and first-hand knowledge on how much you should expect to pay and what you’ll get for your money.  It’s all clearly explained in the guide.

Because let’s face it, nobody wants to throw away their hard-earned cash.  Nor do they want a kitchen installation disaster.

And you don’t have to as long as you’ve got solid, reliable, practical advice.

So if you fancy the challenge…

of fitting your own kitchen and want a professional result to be proud of;

If you’ve done some DIY around the house but…

nothing this big and you’re hesitating;

If you have a hard time…

believing you will do the perfect joint first go on a very expensive piece of worktop;

If you’re concerned about…

messing it up and having to deal with the embarrassment of paying a pro to fix it; and

If you’ve never been shown how …

To master every kitchen fitting technique and you’ve only leafed through DIY magazines

Then with a good enough step-by-step tutorial on 2 DVDs, a printable handbook as well as a full audio guide then you really won’t need anything more, will you?

 Because not getting that kitchen fitted could be causing a strain at home.  I know a lot of people feeling a bit defensive, getting angry inside that their significant other expects them to perform when really all they want to do is relax and go fishing at the weekend.

Some get angry at themselves for not having the …whatever it is …to get themselves to start.  And if that sounds like you then you’ve got the solution right here in front of you.

 It’s the perfect way of getting yourself to start – just listening, watching and getting yourself in the right place mentally to begin.

Again, “Fit That Kitchen™” is NOT for the complete DIY novice, NOT for those who read but don’t act and NOT for those who don’t value perfect finishes and perfect alignment.


Perfectionism Is Always Our Goal With

The “Fit That Kitchen™” Learning System

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From: lawrence paul
Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 4:39 PM
Subject: Fitting a Butlers Sink
Hi Ray,
Thanks for the great tips included in your DVDs.  Excellent!I am about to fit a Butlers Sink for the fist time.
I have cut the solid wood worktop and finished the edges etc.
Now I need to support the sink which is very heavy!
It is fitting inside a 600 mmm melamine faced chipboard carcase what is the best way to support it?
Can I just place it on a shelf? […………..]Hope you can help
regards Paul
From: lawrence paul
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 1:23 PM

Subject: Re: Fitting a Butlers Sink

Thanks for the super quick response Ray!
I am doing a refurb of an existing kitchen that involves new wooden work tops/ sink / cooker and wall finish.

You are right the sink is 595 mm wide and I will have to cut down the sides of the unit.  [……..]

Thanks for your help.
regards Paul

“Fit That Kitchen Like A Pro”

YES! I want you to send me what sounds like an amazing learning package from an expert kitchen fitter

 A 2 DVD set with 13 instructional videos, a complete A-Z illustrated kitchen fitting handbook, plus an easy listening kitchen fitting audiobook

When You Order Here’s Exactly What You Get!

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Watch And Go DVD Set:  The Ultimate In Quick And Easy Learning

DVD Training: 120 minutes of Ray Brock, training you in a live setting.  Watch over his shoulder as he walks you step by step through fitting your own kitchen worktops for a quality result the easy way.

Ray reveals the EXACT steps you need to take to create a professional finish to your worktops ensuring they’re fitted to the highest standards




  • How to cut an invisible worktop joint and get rid of ugly metal strips that trap grease and muck as well as scream “this has been fitted by an amateur!”
  • How to use a worktop jig when the corner you are fitting around is not square.  (This one technique alone is worth more that the whole program – nowhere else will you find this information I guarantee)
  • How to avoid a staggered joint at the postform edge and unsightly gaps and black lines that ruin the look
  • How to fit worktops against any wall, no matter how uneven it is
  • Why mastic gun type clamps should never be used when using a router
  • How to cut out the sink and hob safely and accurately in the correct position
  • And much more!

Kitchen Fitting A-Z Handbook:  Every Detail You Need To Know And Every Challenge Resolved Before You Begin

Kitchen Fitting A-Z Handbook

Find out how to …

  • Keep disruption to your household at a minimum through following one piece of advice on page 7.  Even maintain a cold water supply once you’ve learned one of the many nifty solutions to every kitchen fitting  inconvenience
  • Use this simple method to prevent damp in your base units (page 113)
  • Discover the most economical solution for the length of worktop before you begin cutting (page 55)
  • Avoid water damage, even ceilings coming down by knowing exactly how to safely turn off the hot water cylinder and the cold water tank, including what to do if a valve breaks and you are unable to turn the water off (page 9)
  • A technique for overcoming irregular flooring to ensure perfectly fitted plinth boards (page 113)
  • How to hide screws in the cabinets for a neat finish (page 52)
  • The best method to use to safely hang wall units on lightweight themalite blocks (page 47)
  • Avoid paying £60 call out fees by knowing exactly how to organize your plumber/gas fitter and electrician for first and second fixes (page 7)
  • Which should you fix last – base or wall units?  And why it’s essential to get it right the first time (page 44)
  • A shortcut to ensuring hinges are lined up on doors where there are no pilot holes for fixing screws (page 106)
  • Detailed method for fitting fascias to an integrated dishwasher perfectly the first time you try (page 111)
  • What vital piece of information the kitchen designer may have disregarded and makes your task almost impossible and costs hours sorting out (page 18)
  • …..and much, much more!

Kitchen Fitting Audio Book: Effortless Learning For Kitchen Fitting Confidence

If you find reading hard work then you’re going to love this effortless way of gaining the very same essential information. 

Plug and play and see your project through to the end in your mind’s eye. 

Let this audiobook guide you through every kitchen fitting step you need to follow so that when the time’s right you will tackle the job with confidence.

This is so easy. Can you afford to miss what this expert has to share with you about fitting your own kitchen?

Time Limited Bonuses … Get Them While You Can!

FREE The Essential Tool Guide For A Professional Kitchen Fitter –  Value £5.99



Special Bonus No.1:  includes details on what to look for in a quality router, why more expensive jigsaws aren’t necessarily the best for the job, best price/ease of use blade plus many more professional top tips from well over 24 years worth of hands on experience.

FREE How To Turn Your Dream Kitchen Plan Into One That Works From A Fitter’s Practical Point Of View  – Value £5.99



Special Bonus No.2:  includes the essential 3 practical tips you need, to avoid the most common planning mistakes made even by professional designers.  Watch Out!  Because these mistakes will cost you valuable time, money and effort.

FREE  How To Judge The Quality Of A Laminate Worktop And Kitchen Doors To Ensure Yours Will Last 15 Years  – Value £5.99


Special Bonus No.3:  includes the way to instantly test the quality of any laminate worktop plus 3 further time tested and proven techniques you can use before picking your favourite. 

Also included is a simple trick to tell a real wood door from imitation veneered MDF – you’ll know what you’re looking for (and what you’re paying for) next time you’re speaking with the salesmen.

Order RIGHT NOW To Make Sure You Get ALL of The Bonuses

“Fit That Kitchen Like A Pro”

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“…you’re investing in valuable shortcuts to last a lifetime…”

“Hi, Jimmy The Plumber here and that’s my kitchen on the DVDs! I fitted the kitchen myself but without the know-how I had to call in my mate Ray to get the worktops done. Little did I know I was going to star in the opening to his DVD!

Just wanted to say, now that I’ve watched them through and read of all of Ray’s tips and advice, I’ll be fitting my own next time (I’m selling my house) – and to a far higher standard.

You see what Ray didn’t talk about was the amount of adjusting and refitting of the base units he had to do first. He had to re-do a lot of my handy work before he could start fitting the worktops. (Apparently that happens all the time he said so at least I knew I’m not the only one). So of course that got factored into the final bill just as it will yours.

It’s one thing fitting base units, and another getting them fitted perfectly level when your floor and walls are completely off.

My advice – don’t hesitate. Get the full package and save yourself a lot of hassle and money employing a tradesman.

If you think about it you’re not getting a couple of DVDs for family entertainment – you’re investing in valuable shortcuts to last forever and you can pass on that knowledge to whoever you want to.

Best of luck!”

Jimmy Pilkington, Bideford

Why muddle through when there’s a guaranteed route?

Which reminds me…

You’ll want to know about my 100% iron clad guarantee.  I know I would if I were you.  Especially if you’re not used to ordering online.


“My 60 Day No Quibble 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Profit from the whole package as much as you want for 60 days before deciding whether or not you want to keep it.

Yes! Please Rush Me “Fit That Kitchen™” The Easy Step-By-Step Watch-Over-The-Shoulder Learning System!

“I want to profit from 28 years of Professional Kitchen Fitting experience as soon as possible.

The total is only £67 for a limited time, plus £3.30 P&P.  Order online safely and securely.

For your own peace of mind, I want you to know full encryption is used within the Paypal system where your cash is processed.

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 Here Are Some Questions You Might Have

If you and I were just talking, you might have some questions about whether Fit That Kitchen™ will really work for you.  Since we’re not sitting face to face, let me answer a few commonly asked questions because as you’ll see in the videos, I like to be clear in everything I do…

Question:  “What’s so different about what you have?”

In some cases there may not be a noticeable difference. I agree there are a lot of DIY sites out there that you can choose from. There is a lot of information that is free. But if you think about the value of getting something for free, the care or truth or workability may not have ever been properly tested.  And when it comes to what I have done for you when you order, is that everything I give you I have done, tested, proven, taught and can guarantee to be effective. Because when it comes to the central part of your home, the last thing you need is a kitchen fitting disaster.

Question: “Will this product really make a difference to the end result or can I make do without it?”

In my job it’s actually hard to switch off completely and as you can imagine, when visiting homes I tend to be drawn to the kitchen to see how it looks, how well it was designed and from a fitting point of view, the first thing I check out is the worktop joints.  How well they’ve been machined.

I run my hand along the joint to see how flat both sides of the joint are.  Usually not very good.  Most people seem to machine the joint OK and then let the job down by failing to make sure the joint is absolutely flat on both sides.  Even some professional fitters from big kitchen companies fail to produce a completely invisible joint.

Whilst on worktops I look along the front edge to see if there is a consistent overhang around the whole kitchen because sometimes it varies.  In otherwords it’s not been thought through properly or there’s been a cover up.  Laziness is probably the biggest cause.

A glance at the doors to see how they are aligned and to see whether both corners of the open edge of the door are firmly against the unit.  Often either one or the other is not sitting against the cabinet.

Finally a quick glance at the cornice and pelmet to look at the mitres to see if they are invisible, if the job’s been done well.  Or if the corners are chipped and maybe even have gaps in the mitre.  Maybe the moulding isn’t matching properly.

I see all this, usually without the owner knowing, in a matter of about 10 or 15 seconds.

When everything is perfectly aligned and fitted there is a crispness to the overall look of the kitchen.  These details are the reason for that crispness.  That’s what makes the difference and gives a polished look to the whole room.

So I suppose the answer to that question is “It all depends on your standards”.

Question: “What exactly will I get for my money and why is it worth it?”

You will get a 120 page step by step downloadable handbook giving the A-Z of fitting your own kitchen the professional way.

This bumper package will be on your computer ready to read within seconds of ordering.

Burn it onto CD if you prefer and of course print off any pages (even the whole thing) if you want a hard copy.

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Your smartly packaged set of step-by-step video tutorials that have been recorded onto a double DVD set can be winging their way to land on your doormat within 2 working days of receipt of order.

No ordinary product is quite like this!

Is it worth £67?  No, not if you look at it as 2 plastic discs in a black plastic box along with digital data.  But then I’m not selling plastic or digital data.  I’m selling hard-won information and experience.  Information you can’t get anywhere else.  Information that will enable you to pick up a router and jig and do a perfect piece of kitchen worktop fitting.  Information that could save you countless hours and frustration in every aspect of kitchen fitting.

As somebody considering adding value to their home by updating their kitchen, I think you’ll agree that it’s certainly worth getting it right.

Owning these videos allows you to solve difficult fitting problems quickly

The videos come with FREE, unlimited e-mail and phone support

No other videos have this!

PayPal is the most secure, most popular and easiest way that millions of people use each day to buy and sell stuff over the internet.  It’s the one everyone uses on eBay.

And the best thing is you don’t even need a PayPal account yourself (although it’s certainly very handy to get one).

 PayPal lets you use its services for free if you want to use your own debit or credit card securely over the internet with the highest encryption software available today.

So, when you get taken automatically to my company’s PayPal page and if you don’t have a PayPal account, look for these lines:

“Don’t have a PayPal account?
Use your credit card or bank account. Continue”

The word “Continue” is a link that you must click so that you will get the product without opening a PayPal account.

Once everything has been approved which takes about 5 seconds, you will be taken automatically to a page where you will click on a button and get your digital products to your computer automatically.

Yes! Please Rush Me “Fit That Kitchen™” The Easy Step-By-Step Watch-Over-The-Shoulder Learning System!

“I want to profit from 28 years of Professional Kitchen Fitting experience as soon as possible.

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