Health And Safety

Here’s How To Avoid Injuries As You Improve Your Home


From 1 January 2005, people carrying out electrical work in homes and gardens in England and Wales have to follow the rules in Building Regulations.

Before starting any electrical work it is essential that you find out exactly what the rules are. Unfortunately the government changes the rules quite regularly.

Please search the Government website for the latest edition of Part P (it will be free to download).

GAS WORK – Too dangerous for DIY

Anyone carrying out work on gas appliances or fittings as part of their business must be competent and Gas Safe Registered. Gas safe has taken over from being corgi registered as the watchdog for gas safety.

Only a person with the necessary certificates of registration can carry out work on gas appliances or fittings. DIY work on gas appliances or fittings could be dangerous and is unlawful.

Do not use any gas appliance or fittings you know or suspect to be unsafe.


The majority of accidents that take place in the home could easily of been prevented if the correct personal protection equipment had been worn.


Any damage to the inner ear cannot be reversed.

When using most power tools it is essential to protect your hearing with suitable ear protectors.  A passing train is 90 decibels.  Although this would not cause immediate damage, continuous exposure to this level can cause hearing loss. After 40 years of being exposed to this level for a working day of eight hours, 60% of people would lose their hearing.

When buying ear protectors choose the type that best suits you. There are different types ranging from small shaped rubber that fit inside the ear to the type that totally encloses the ear.

If you know of anyone who has had something enter their eye and has needed medical attention then they will have told you how extremely uncomfortable and painful it can be.

Glasses are the minimum protection you can use and can stop most foreign objects from entering the eyes


The most common type of dust mask used in DIY will filter out dust and is often worn when machining or when working in dusty environments

There is a slightly better version of the mask which has a one way valve in the centre, this allows expelled air to be vented through the centre of the mask.

Always plug your power tool into a RCD (residual current detector)

Do not use power tools if damaged

Only use a power tool for its original purpose

Follow the manufacturers instructions

Always unplug power tools after use

Never mess around with power tools

Do not put a power tool down until it has completely stopped


Hand tools can be just as dangerous as power tools.  Thousands of people are admitted to casualty each year due to the misuse of hand tools.

Use your common sense and take a step back from the task in hand to think about the hazards.

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