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Why Should We Listen To You Ray?

May I begin by saying “You don’t have to listen to me” you have free choice and the Internet is a large resource.

If you do choose to listen to me and look at what I do, then I have over 27 years experience fitting Kitchens that I am willing to share with you.

Why Are You Offering Free Information.

I believe that if I give out a lot off value with my information then you will see the quality of my information first hand.

I like to help people to save money with their Home Improvements and if I can do the same for you, then I have achieved what I set out to do.

I heard you were doing Kitchen Fitting Courses Ray, are they still available?

Due to the cost’s involved of leasing a building, paying Council rates and fitting it out with work stations, It worked out to be more money ,than people were willing to pay!

Add to that the multiple sets of tools for the Customers to use and my time away from earning money, fitting Kitchens it was never going to be financially viable!


What does your "Fit That Kitchen" guide cover?

My “Fit That Kitchen” guide covers from the time you first walk into a bare Kitchen until you walk out with the Kitchen finished!

It is a 120 page PDF that is available to download after it has been bought along with the two DVD’s that show all the machining of the worktops.

Do your DVD's show all the stages of fitting a Kitchen?

The DVD’s cover in detail what has to be done to machine a Butt & Scribe joint.

I also show you how to Scribe worktops against a wall.

They also show you how you can safely machine a radius end on the end of a breakfast bar, without breaking out through the Post-form edge of the worktop.

Why is your Guide only available as a pdf?

When I started out, 6 years ago, I looked into having the guide made as a book, with its own ISBN number!

Unless you have hundreds of books printed in one go the costs involved were prohibitive!

With a pdf it can stay on your computer or just specific pages can be printed off so that if they get damaged during the fit then it is no big deal to print off some more.

Why is your fitthatkitchen guide and DVD's only £67?

My Fit That Kitchen Guide and DVD set were primarily aimed at the DIY market.

The whole point of a keen DIYer fitting their own Kitchen is to save money!

I believe this system is worth way more than that as it will save you a minimum of £800 on an average Kitchen and a lot more on a big Kitchen.

You can get this whole system for less than I charge to machine one Butt and Scribe Joint?

I will be putting the price up in the near future as it has been the same price for the past 6 years.

How long does it take to receive the package after ordering?

It takes around two working days to receive the DVD’s, after the day it was ordered!

If that falls over a weekend then it will be a little longer.

The Pdf Guide is a download so you can download that when you get the details to download it!

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