Are You Looking To Save Many £100's of Pounds By Fitting Your Own Kitchen? Then Let Ray Brock, An Expert Kitchen Fitter Show You How!!


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How To Fit A Kitchen? Get Access To The Critical, Professional


Techniques, You Must Know Before Installing Any Kitchen… NOW!

So who is this “Fit That Kitchen Like A Pro” set aimed at?


After many years in the building industry, fitting Kitchens, I could see there was a real need for some kind of training for Kitchen fitting.

I had 2 days introduction with a guy and from there on I was left to my own devices. Many tradesmen have a variety of the tools needed to fit a Kitchen but just needed guidance on the more complex parts.

The 120 page PDF guide that I have produced covers all the different parts to fitting a Kitchen and the 2 DVD’s show how the Laminate and Wooden worktops are machined and fitted.

So if you are a Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter or keen DIY,er then this “Fit Your Kitchen Like A Pro” could be all you need to save you £££”s on the cost of having your Kitchen professionally installed.

Health and Safety when fitting your Kitchen at home.


While some of it may seem a bit over the top, a lot of it does make sense. Just think for a  moment if you were out of action for more that a couple of weeks? How would that affect your income? Take a look at my tips to improve your Health and Safety when working on your Kitchen, or around the home.

The “Fit That Kitchen Like A Pro” System Consists Of a 120 Page PDF On How To Fit A Kitchen And 2 DVD’s On Machining The Laminate And Wood Worktops. All This Plus Bonuses For £67 + £3.30 P+P

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“… your DVDs gave me the belief that it’s achievable.” From: Andrew To:

Hi Ray I consider myself to be an experienced DIY person with a good few years of practice under my belt. I must say however, the concept of watching a tradesman complete the task does inspire confidence to the learner.

It’s a far better way of communication than trying to learn from a book, even if the book has detailed pictures. […] Many thanks Andy.

From: Andrew To: Subject: RE: Your feedback Hi Ray Glad my comments were useful. Actually I teach Motor Vehicle Body repair and Refinishing at a college. However, I love Renovating houses. I enjoy woodwork, plastering, brickwork, electrical and plumbing. In fact everything to do with the building trade.

Don’t know why I work with cars, maybe that’s what I’m best at! I’m just in the process of re-fitting my kitchen, hence why I purchased your very useful DVDs [plus the guides].

I’ve only ever joined the worktops with those horrible metal strip connectors. This time I wanted to join them using the router and jig. I’ll see how good your tips are in the next couple weekends and let you know if I was successful or not.

Once again, thanks. Andy


I have used your DVD at 3 times since I purchased it.

I have fitted three full kitchens and changed 2 sets of worktops all for family members with great success.

Michael Dick

From: lawrence paul To: Subject:Fitting a Butlers Sink

Hi Ray, Thanks for the great tips included in your DVDs. Excellent!

I am about to fit a Butlers Sink for the fist time. I have cut the solid wood worktop and finished the edges etc. Now I need to support the sink which is very heavy! It is fitting inside a 600 mmm melamine faced chipboard carcase what is the best way to support it? Can I just place it on a shelf? […………..] Hope you can help, Regards Paul

From: lawrence paul To: Subject: Re: Fitting a Butlers Sink Thanks for the super quick response Ray! I am doing a refurb of an existing kitchen that involves new wooden work tops/ sink / cooker and wall finish.

You are right the sink is 595 mm wide and I will have to cut down the sides of the unit. [……..]

Thanks for your help. Regards Paul

Lawrence Paul

“After 10 minutes watching Ray’s DVD I switched it off and went and machined a joint on some scrap worktop – perfectly! (First time I’d ever used a router and jig)

That meant I could then fit my kitchen worktops with a lot more confidence. I found it surprisingly straightforward and it certainly saved me a lot of money and headaches.

I was quoted £65 a worktop joint by a local guy and I had 3 joints to do, so that’s saved me £195 just on the joints alone without even taking into account cutting the holes for the sink and the hob. Well worth the savings.”

Mick Pearson, Freckleton, Lancs

Mick Pearson

“I think the Kitchen industry has needed someone like you with the knowledge and background to step up and write the kinds of informative articles that give the DO-IT-YOURSELF and PROS alike an opportunity to enhance our skills. 

I think your stuff is really informative. Thanks again and keep on writing”

Scott Laing, Bathroom Specialist, LaGrange, ILL, USA

Scott Laing

“Hi, Jimmy The Plumber here and that’s my kitchen on the DVDs!

I fitted the kitchen myself but without the know-how I had to call in my mate Ray to get the worktops done.

Little did I know I was going to star in the opening to his DVD! Just wanted to say, now that I’ve watched them through and read of all of Ray’s tips and advice, I’ll be fitting my own next time (I’m selling my house) – and to a far higher standard.

You see what Ray didn’t talk about was the amount of adjusting and refitting of the base units he had to do first.

He had to re-do a lot of my handy work before he could start fitting the worktops. (Apparently that happens all the time he said so at least I knew I’m not the only one).

So, of course that got factored into the final bill just as it will yours. It’s one thing fitting base units, and another getting them fitted perfectly level when your floor and walls are completely off. My advice – don’t hesitate.

Get the full package and save yourself a lot of hassle and money employing a tradesman. If you think about it you’re not getting a couple of DVDs for family entertainment – you’re investing in valuable shortcuts to last forever and you can pass on that knowledge to whoever you want to.

Jimmy Pilkington, Bideford

"Jimmy The Plumber"

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